Toki | it/he/she/xe/no pronouns | 18

greetings!! i see you've come across my carrd, click the button below to learn more abt me, tysm and enjoy your visit!!

abt me



hi hello, my names Toki and heres some stuff abt me haha

- im autistic + i have ADD, yes i was born with these mental disorders and no im not faking them
- trying to make it through college rn </3
- i draw art too, been doin it for years now and im still proud of what i do (sometimes...)
- im funny most of the time lol
- i rlly love women if it isnt obvious already
- my interests change a lot sorry
- i also love talkin to ppl!! pls feel free to talk to me!!
- im fucking obsessed with 2000s shit, i just think its neat hehe
- dont know what else to put here, im just a pretty chill guy

and now its time for the cringey part of the carrdheres all my silly interests, if u like some of these feel free 2 talk abt em with me!!(keep in mind that i dont support most of the creators in some games, series, etc. i just like the characters, lore, and other stuff, thats all)

- deltarune/undertale
- cookie run kingdom (i dont support devsisters)
- gorillaz
- birds
- arcade machines
- scifi movies
- nostalgic stuff that reminds me of good times
- cloudy/rainy days
- cryptid stuff
- any sort of retro or vintage aesthetics
- lemon demon
- ena
- final space
- my own characters
- drawing art
- the owl house
- gravity falls
- fnaf (scott cawthon can choke lmfao)
- rick and morty
- invader zim
- the most eyebleeding colors in the color palette
- DRAGONS!!!!!!!!
- looking at fanart
- my ocs
i have a lot more shit that i like, but im not listin it all lmao, also pls talk to me abt any of these i love sharing my silly interests :3

oh boy here we go, the cringiest part of the carrd, im mentally unwell ignore how most of these are evil characters </3

Main Kins!!

Secondary Kins!!

next up is the important part of my carrd

before you follow:i dont always reply to comments, but ill try to, sometimes im a bit too busy or i just dont know what to say tbhim rlly sensitive to harsh comments so please try n be respectful on my page, if ur joking abt it thats ok but dont joke abt serious topics or situationsi get rlly confused sometimes, im not rlly the smartest person in the world so i tend to say some stupid stuff oftensometimes i can come off as annoying, but i try not to get on ppls nerves, if im doing something that annoys you, please lemme know and ill stopi tend to get super anxious for some reasons, or maybe no reasons at all, but once again, i cannot control how i feeli repeat most of my sentences, mainly cuz i dont know what words i wanna say when im typin stuff and it does get annoying tbhi swear quite a lot, if you're uncomfy with that, please lemme know! i will also reclaim some slurs, but not all of them, i don't use them very often tho (none of them are racist)i also make some vent bulletins pretty often, most of my vents are pretty personal, and i do get mad for stupid reasons, but it isn't directed towards anyone in particular!!i rlly dont mind if u use tone tags on my profile, but dont repeatedly use themi talk abt my interests way too much, be warned bc i have so many and i talk abt em very ofteni have some typing quirks such as replacing "s" with "z," "to" with "2," "for" with "4," and i use lil emoticons at the end of my sentences lol but feel free to lemme know if u cant read anysome of my jokes involve sex ok, if u ever see me making a sex joke im 100% joking, oh and none of these jokes will ever be directed towards minors thats disgusting, however, if these jokes make u uncomfortable, pls let me knowit takes time for me to like process things in my brain LMAO, i say stupid stuff a lot, so dont expect me to be the smartest person in the universe lol

i dont rlly have much of a dni anymore the old one was way too long, but i block freely jsyk

hi just dont interact with me if ur a bigot or are gonna cause drama with me, i dont want any problems with ppl thank u, also if ur blocked, dont fucking block evade just so u can stalk me, i hate being stalked /srsoh and if ur a zoo/pedo, proshipper, groomer, or any other nasty person I'll block you immediately, you nasty fuckers aren't welcome on my profile so fuck off and for fucks sake PLEASE get some sort of help

hooray u found the funny